martes, 9 de abril de 2013


But what you have to include in your website? That's the key. You think in what they want
read the people who visit your site.

Your website should be fun and engaging, but you have to take into account what is
funny people who think that they will visit.

Here are some ideas for your site, you can later modify the to conform to
your own needs.

· Home: You need to have some kind of welcome on this page to serve as
introduction to what you offer or sell to the world. This page should invite reading and
provide general informa-tion which can be found on your site.

· About you: Like any superhero, everyone has a history. Tell your story in
this page, trying to make it as interesting as possible for people to know why you should
stay on your site.

· What they're selling: Of course, if you're selling something ne-Need some link list
items you sell. This will help you make money and start building a client list.

· Frequently asked questions (FAQ): When you start making the same five questions over and over
instead, you should include with their answers on the site. That will save you time in dealing with
the mail you receive from customers.

· Contact information: You should include some sort of contact information. In this way the
Customers can send questions or communicate their problems.

Furthermore, here we leave some extra fun you could include

· Traffic Counter

· Wall posts

· Payroll

· Surveys and Competitions

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